Fitzgerald's Woodlands House Hotel & Spa team up with Focus Ireland to give a present to children who are homeless this Christmas

  • Woodlands House Hotel and Focus Ireland

Adare’s four star Fitzgerald's Woodlands House Hotel & Spa has partnered with Focus Ireland in a bid to provide a Christmas gift for children who are homeless in the Mid-West area.

Owners of the resort, The Fitzgerald Family, are appealing to hotel guests and patrons of Timmy Mac's Bistro, Fieldings of Adare, Dick’s Bar, Woodlands Leisure Club and Revas Spa to join them in donating a gift for a child whose family has found themselves homeless this Christmas.

Moved by the fact that there are so many children living in the Mid-West area who do not have a place to call home this Christmas, the Fitzgerald Family have put up a Gift of Giving Christmas Tree in the hotel’s entrance lobby, decorated with over 150 labels, each representing an individual child. Guests and patrons are encouraged to take a label and purchase a gift for the child mentioned on the label, bringing it to the hotel by Tuesday 17th December ready for Focus Ireland to distribute in time for Christmas Day.

Proprietor of Fitzgerald's Woodlands House Hotel & Spa Mary Fitzgerald said that they are pleased to be able to partner with Focus Ireland at this festive time. “As we all gather in our homes with family and friends to celebrate Christmas, it is easy to forget that there are families who, for a host of reasons, do not have a home and some may be unable to provide gifts for their children.”

“For those of us who are able to buy an extra gift this Christmas, who better to buy for than one of the 150 children who are homeless to make sure they have a present on Christmas Day. “

“This year, I will be encouraging my own children to join me in thinking about what it would be like to find ourselves without a home and unable to provide for our children.  Each of us will be adding an extra gift onto our Christmas shopping list as our way of sharing our Christmas with others, as will many of our staff and, we hope, our guests and patrons.”

As a thank you, the Fitzgerald Family will be gifting a 10% discount card for Timmy Macs Bistro to anyone who donates a gift, helping to achieve the goal of donating 150 presents to Focus Ireland.

Labels should be collected from the Gift of Giving Christmas Tree and returned to Fitzgerald's Woodlands House Hotel & Spa by Monday 16th December. For more information, please contact the hotel reception desk on 061 605100.

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