Limerick City is alive and buzzing over Christmas | Christmas in Limerick

Limerick City is alive and buzzing over Christmas

Switch off the box, finish shoveling the snow and head to Limerick for a feast of activities, gatherings, entertainment and more. Come see what Christmas in the city has to offer.


Good luck with not overeating and drinking! Find something here to get on your feet, get out and have some fun.


Let the bells ring out, let everything that can jangle jingle and find local music events and gigs here.


Many stories be told and live on through the arts. Find a wealth of stage, film and visual art in Limerick.


Why let Santa have all the joy of giving? Find all the special goodies and treats that Limerick is offering up for sale.


Santa knows Limerick loves sport. It is one of the reasons we topped out on the good list! Find your favourites here.


Come one and come all to gather in the spirit of community, peace and Christmas. Find community gatherings and masses.

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